News Done Right

Above all else, I’m an information processor.  I’m a middleman.  I take facts, and I convey to the public.  I am a journalist.

As such, I watch a lot of news.  And from the morning shows to the evening news and all the fluff in between, I’ve seen journalism go to the dogs.  Content takes a dive for the ratings, and it is not to discredit the honest-to-god newsmen that still exist, but it is simply a flaw of the industry.  Respected cable news producers have to compete with the likes of Honey Boo Boo and fight for advertising dollars, and sadly often sacrifice integrity and accuracy during the race to grab viewers.

But sometimes, sometimes, it’s still done right.

This is where NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams comes in.  Putting politics aside, I believe this program holds the highest journalistic integrity and standards still available to the public.  The program reserves the last few minutes for their “Making a Difference” segment, but other than this, uses their thirty minute time slot to be the champions of facts and create a well informed electorate.

Professionalism.  Facts.  Context.  That is what news is about.

This is the media elite.  This is what I strive to be.  So here I am, with a blog focusing solely on the relationships the public has with the media and the environment.  I will make no effort to subdue my personal opinions, though I will make every attempt to expose you to informed opinions different from own.  This will be a platform for my thoughts, but more importantly, it will be a platform for professionalism, facts and context.  This is where this blog comes in, and this is what I strive for.

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