photoAs of late, I’ve been on a huge Chipotle kick.

I mean, I’ve always liked their food, but lately I just haven’t been able to get enough of it!  Yes, it started because it’s the one of the only place in Eugene, Oregon where you can get decent guacamole (and, coming from Southern California, good guac is a staple in my diet), but I have fallen in love with Chipotle’s business model.

Whether or not you think Chipotle’s food tastes good is entirely up to you, but there is no denying the goodness in their products.  They stress total transparency and a sustainable business model based around what they term “Food With Integrity.”

It’s not just about recycled napkins or using less packaging, Chipotle is making actual efforts to be green.  One hundred percent of their meat is naturally raised- meaning “raised in a humane way, fed a vegetarian diet, never given hormones and allowed to display their natural tendencies”.  Their produce?  Local, organic, and supplied by thousands of family farms nation wide.  Hell, even Jason Mraz supplies avocados for some locations’ amazing guacamole.

Yes, Chipotle has higher food costs than competitors, but for the quantity and quality of food you’re getting, I figure I still come out on top.

I’ll take a vegetarian bowl- brown rice, black beans, pico, hot salsa, light sour cream, cheese, lettuce, lots of guacamole, and a guilt-free conscious please!

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