Making a Difference- My Way

wwf-logoI’m all about how something is conveyed.  So in addition to being passionate about Public Relations and the Environment, I love graphic design.

This being said, I’ve spent the last two days taking an InDesign workshop.  Eight hours a day, knee deep in the Adobe Creative Suite has not only been quite the learning experience, but it’s helped to open my eyes to what works and what really doesn’t.

This is where World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) comes in.

Here’s an organization that not only is striving to make a difference, but they know how to brand themselves.  Yes, there are companies and non-profits out there that are just as dedicated to protecting our planet, but WWF is a leader in the industry because they play the game right.

From their iconic panda logo to their simple san-serif fonts, their consistency is what sets them apart.  Their website is easy to navigate, their writing is superb, and they fully utilize all types of social media and cross promotion.

Some environmentalists may argue that they should be devoting more of their funds towards protecting endangered species, not pouring it into marketing campaigns.  But they wouldn’t draw in half the funds or be able to make half as big a difference without appealing to what people want.  Yes, people want to feel like they’re helping- but people also want organization, clean typography and aesthetics.

WWF is both committed to the environment and thinking strategically.  And that’s how it should be.

When I graduate, I want to do everything in my power to make a difference.  And for me that doesn’t mean scientist research on decreasing our carbon footprint or saving some charismatic megafauna; it means knowing what I am good at and using my strengths.  Using my passion for the environment and thinking strategically.

I guess that’s where you’ll find me- a creative strategist and environmental activist.

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