Voice to the Voiceless

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I’ve adored Anne Curry ever since I was a little girl watching the Today show before catching the school bus. I admire her not only for experience and professionalism, but for the compassion and humility she brings to the field. And tonight I was lucky enough to meet her.

Anne Curry, a graduate of my beloved University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications, came to give the school’s Ruhl Lecture on ethics. The speech, titled “Journalism: An Act of Faith in the Future”, was quite possibly the most inspiring speech I have ever been blessed enough to hear in person.

Contrary to popular belief, journalism is not dying out – it’s evolving. Anne (and yes, I will be calling her by her first name because I like to pretend we are pals) explained it best, saying that a “commitment to journalism isn’t crazy…it’s courageous.” Maybe I don’t want to be a journalist in the most traditional sense, but I want to spend my years spreading truth to the public and that, my friends, is journalism at it’s core.

Anne’s passion for humanitarianism and disasters, her overwhelming desire to give “voice to the voiceless”? That’s how I feel about the environment. No, I won’t be reporting from a bomb shelter in a war zone, but I want to dedicate my life to standing up for something, to making a difference. A nonprofit, a government sector, a client for an agency – however it may be, I’m going to use public relations to give a voice to the planet.

Because let’s be realistic, even mother Earth could use some good PR.

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