The Power of Infographics…and Reusable Bags

WEBInfographicOur planet is in need of a little TLC. That’s common knowledge among environmental folk, but not everyone understands to what extent change is needed. Many devout environmentalists want to know how to educate and motivate the public in today’s digital age.

As PR practitioners, it is our job to sift through information. We are given a bunch of facts, and it’s our job to decide not only which are relevant but also which our audiences will respond to. Choosing the facts is only half the battle. Then we must choose how to present them. A design-oriented individual like myself? I lean towards the infographic.

Let’s be realistic – we live in a busy world. We don’t always have time to read an article, let alone retain the information. Infographics are quick, to the point and effective, not to mention visually appealing. Rather than flooding an audience with information, an infographic offers a quick and effective alternative.

As an environmentalist, I understand the urge to bombard the public with the facts. Luckily, with an infographic there simply isn’t room for thinking abstractly. The medium forces PR professionals to be concrete – ideal in a field that emphasizes “brevity.”

Not only does an infographic make us choose less information, but also it forces us to choose better information. The most successful infographics use concrete numbers and visual aids to help readers both process and remember the data.

With all this in mind, I decided to create my own infographic. As you can see, I tried to keep it as simple as possible, giving the audience a few powerful take-home points. The consistent fonts and color schemes also aid in not distracting readers, allowing them to narrow in on the facts. I hope my example helps you understand the power of infographics…and choosing reusable bags.

One thought on “The Power of Infographics…and Reusable Bags

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