Good for You, Good for Eugene

market-homework-lgI’ve recently started doing research for a new client through one of my journalism courses. My client is the Lane County Farmers Market…but the problem is they don’t know who their client is. And, perhaps more importantly, they don’t know why people are choosing to shop at their market.

As someone who quite often frequents the farmers market, I’ve started to ask myself (and other shoppers) what it is that keeps me coming back. Most responses included mentions of the local produce, the freshness of the products and getting to know the farmers. All this information is well and good, but I think it hints at something more…

We’re not just braving the heat and crowds for flat of strawberries – we’re doing it because, whether consciously or not, we’re buying into the local food movement. It’s not that the farmers market is more convenient or better priced than the super market, one might even argue the opposite, but rather people are coming back week after week to do some good for their community.

Maybe it is a niche market, but it is growing. A city as green as Eugene has really embraced the market, making it a staple in many people’s weekly routines. Shoppers know that with every piece of produce purchased, we are supporting our local economy. And knowing the farmers, knowing where your food comes from, that’s not just a passing trend. It is a grassroots movement that many Eugene locals have adopted, and it is something my client needs to capitalize on.

Sustainable. Organic. Fresh. Local. These are key ingredients in what makes the famers market so unique. LCFM needs embrace this mentality and expand its market whilst still representing these core customer values. Simply, others need to know not only why customers choose to shop at the farmers market, but also why they keep coming back; they need to know that LCFM is good for you and good for Eugene.

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